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Are you interested in a certain car, please chose the button ‘Price Request’ on the detail page. By clicking it, you can request more information by email. We will mail you immediately with more details

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Jumper - 215026
i10 - 215067
Auris - 215041
Panamera - 215052
Twingo - 215029
ForTwo - 2051420
V40 - 215024
Kuga - 215015
320 - 215007
Meriva - 215005
Passat Variant - 2051434
Berlingo - 2051422
Leon - 2051402
Ascona - 2051443
Touran - 2051433
A 180 - 2051381
500 - 2051368
NX 300 - 2051384
Insignia - 2051375
Giulia - 2051390
Octavia - 2051397
C 200 - 2051378
Scenic - 2051312
Q3 - 2051376
Berlingo - 2051349
C4 Picasso - 2051301
520 - 2051276
Focus - 2051314
Polo - 2051297
Panamera - 2051317
A3 - 2051266
Megane - 2051214
C4 Picasso - 2051254
C 180 - 2051241
E 220 - 2051120
i30 - 2051186
Twingo - 2051200
ix20 - 2051108
E 350 - 2051129
Kangoo - 2051098
XC 40 - 2051006
A1 - 2051038
X3 - 2051028
Transit Custom - 205947
MX-5 - 205943
Duster - 205927
C5 - 205885
TT - 205740
RAV 4 - 205770
Punto - 205197

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Our stock offers approximately 100 accident cars or all makes

Feel free to browse our extensive stock of accident cars


Autohandel Vanhoo NV is active on the international market of accident cars since 1978. We buy our cars from Belgian insurance companies and car experts and sell these accident cars in the state wherein they are found in all European countries. 

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Our stock consists of more than 150 accident cars of all makes. Some ten cars are added on a daily basis. You can get a first impression of our offer by clicking the 'STOCK' button in our database. All information is accompanied by pictures. 

Maybe the car you are looking for is not yet available? Then you have two possibilities: 

  • Either you visit the site regularly;
  • Or you subscribe to our weekly informative email. In it we give you a short summary of new available cars.
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Are you interested in a certain car, please go to the button ‘Price Request’ on the detail page. By clicking it, you can request more information by email. We will mail you immediately more details.

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The cars on this website are neither repaired nor technically testes and are not delivered home except when agreed in writing on the order form.

Potential buyers of the cars on offer must assess the actual state of the cars before purchase at our premises. Buyers who decide to purchase without viewing and on the basis of the multimedia files made available on this website such as pictures and / or film fragments, can afterwards never lodge a complaint saying that the actual state of the vehicle differs from the one on the multimedia files. This applies to hidden defects, damage, or wear and tear, caused by the impact of the accident or that existed before. Deviations between the actual and the visual appearance of the vehicle cannot give cause to any kind of compensation, damage or annulment of the purchase.

The information on this website is general and only meant for traders. Individual buyers accept that they as well purchase at their own risk and at traders’ conditions. This means that they will acquire a vehicle that is neither repaired nor technically tested and that it will neither be delivered or be under whatever guarantee, this in view of deviations from the original state as delivered off-factory and the lower purchase price wherein the risk for hidden defaults is included. All vehicles are therefore sold without any kind of guarantee for all visual and hidden damage and wear and tear of whatever nature. This information is not adjusted to any personal or specific circumstances, and can therefore not be called upon as a binding, personal, professional or judicial advice to the user.

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